Wednesday, 21 August 2013

DC - Greenbelt and DuPont Circle

I flew from Chicago into BWI where Jess picked me up and drove me to Julian Court (Greenbelt not Camden) to meet the kids and have dinner with the family.

After meeting Venice, Elizabella, Frankie (the cat) and Stanley, Jess and I stayed up catching up on the last few years and eating some of her lovely Union Jack tart!

The next day Jess and I headed out with Venice and Elizabella to the Museum of Native Americans, where Venice was spellbound by the starlight ceiling and the native american tradional stories about the star constellations and we all had fun in the interactive imagiNation exhibit.

Traditional dress for children - very cute!

View of the Capitol #1- from the museum

That evening the family headed out for dinner at Franklins - which has a store with an old style toy shop - lots of choice for the girls, but found something to satisfy everyone from Yasmyn to the baby.

The next morning after a classic Jess driving tour of monuments - we headed to the trendy thrift shops and restaurants on 14th street, where we had lunch at the Pig. The lovely Kyle gave us free drinks whilst we munched on brain sandwich - not for the faint hearted lol!

Thursday we headed over to Baltimore for that Maryland staple - crabs - on the deck by the inner harbour. It was so hot that we treated ourselves to gelato that melted everywhere - it wasn't just the kids that were covered - doh!

Friday we met up with Kim (Jess's sister) and my friend from Turkey, Nicole for lunch at Stanley's restaurant in historic Annapolis, which is the state capital for Maryland and is old and quaint - very pretty! It kind of reminded me of English country towns - it had a similar high street of old red brick buildings and well preserved heritage signs etc - apparently Starbucks weren't allowed to ruin this!

After filling our bellies with sushi and sake, we found a free beer tasting and checked out Pussers - the last time I was there was black Wednesday before Thanksgiving - with all the drinking I had to ask, is Friday the new funday?

Nicole and I did an evening walk of the monuments and the White House - so I actually got to see them close up and get some pictures:

White House at night

WWII monument


Saturday morning Nicole and I went stand up paddleboarding on the Potomac by George town for her friend Lauren's birthday, and then we went to Baked and Wired for a brunch of quiche and dirty chai lattes (dirty = espresso, very yummy!)

That afternoon we managed to tick off pedicures, the Museum of American history and the East wing of the National gallery of Art.

View of the Capitol #2

Nicole giving Mercury a run for his money.

View of the Capitol #3

Cupcakes and wine by the rooftop pool were preparation for a night out - we headed to Table for dinner for Lauren's birthday and then to Passenger for drinks after.

Sunday Nicole and I headed back to Eastern Market to browse the flea and food markets. We then walked back to the Capitol - view 100?! 

Yummy corn :)

More views of the Capitol - now from all 365 degree angles!

We went back to the National Gallery of Art to check out the Ballet Russe exhibition that we missed in the East wing the day before. Definitely worth it - the fusion of art, design, music and dance is amazingly presented and you really get a sense of how avante garde the Ballet Russe was.

The next morning I was off on the bus to NY....

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