Monday 2 September 2013

Hot damn - summer in the city...

London in the summer is maybe my favourite city - loving being back even if its just for a weekend! Having visited lots of large American cities recently and actually liking them a lot, I was wondering if this is a particular effect of summer?

For example would I like Chicago as much in its 5 month winter period where it's bloody cold with tonnes of snow?

Now I liked San Francisco despite the drizzle - to be frank the weather was more like a typical British summer, so I guess I felt at home! I also got a chance to explore more of the neighbourhoods which always gives you a better feel for a city.

I definitely struggled with 90-100 degree temperatures in Nevada and Utah which is only manageable in an air conditioned bubble way home-car-restaurant-car-home (not ideal when camping with none of these!)

Out of the cities I visited I liked San Francisco, Chicago, DC and New York (in spite of the 70% humidity!)

I can't really count LA as I had approximately 36 hours there - so not time for a fair assessment, after driving down the cooler foggy coast from San Franscisco the weather was tempting though...

Salt Lake City was a it weird for me with all the driving - it's a different kind of lifestyle, kudos to Jo for moving there!

Denver was fun also and where I stayed with Natalie downtown was really convenient for walking around - so no car issues, but despite the great time I had, I didn't really see myself living there like I could in San Fransciso.

DC was also a lovely place to stay and easy to get around sans voiture - however as my friends mentioned its an odd city with lots of turn over - people aren't really from there and they don't stay longer than 4 years usually -  that's either a college degree or one presidential administration term!

Chicago was lovely in the summer - lots of stuff on and I enjoyed getting to know the Wrigleyville neighbourhood rather than just seeing the downtown area, but as I mentioned I think the vast difference in weather in their winter may give me a different view!

Now to New York - as a Londoner I think there is a certain affinity I feel for that city - it's paced similarly - I walk fast like New Yorkers! However could I actually live and work there?!  Not sure I could anymore having given up the city job.... Also having to deal with the humidity makes New York the one city where I think summer isn't its best season - having been there in spring and winter I definitely prefer those seasons!

But in general I think visiting anywhere in the summer when people are on holiday and the weather in the best part is good helps as both these things make people more relaxed and make for a more enjoyable visit.

Maybe I can test this theory after next year when I'm done following summer around the world! 

Next stop is Bangkok and then very much lookng forward to 2 weeks in Myanmar (Burma) and the start of my South East Asia leg.

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