Sunday 2 March 2014

Carnival & Cusco

Cusco is a pretty colonial city - it was the centre of the world or naval of the world if you believe the Inca interpretation - its stories of golden buildings drew the Spanish in to conqueror and strip the city in its entirety.

So not much of Inca Cusco remains - instead the colonial features rule in the centre. We did the free walking tour to see more of the city's key parts and ended with a free pisco sour tasting - result!

The main square Plaza de Armas

Narrow alleyways between 5* hotels

A moody sky above the city - it rained most afternoons

Cathedral San Francisco - where Incan beliefs influence the Catholic faith - in the last supper painting they serve cuy (guinea pig)

Traditional Incan welcome?!

Inca queen Katie!

A night out with our fellow Jungle Trekkers in one of Cusco's nightclubs - we didn't last late!

Our guide - Aurelio

We spent a lot of time at Jack's cafe - lovely brekkie, cakes and proper coffee!! A lot of our time in Cusco was spent chilling out - however we did manage to visit some of the archeological sites just outside the city - Tambomachay & Pukapukara. 

Tambomachay - the ceremonial bath of the Incas'

Pukapukara - named the red fort, actually a hunting lodge

We walked back on an exciting cut through the fields / heath lands - not really a trail! And came out on sexy woman (Saqsaywaman) which was closed by the time we got there, but we got a really good view of Christo Blanco.

We beat the thunder storm back to the city - but the lightning on the hills was mesmorising!

The city lighting up

On Sunday we had planned to head back to Sexywoman and then on to Pisaq - however we got derailed by carnival kicking off in the town centre. Children and adults alike targeted the gringos with water bombs and foam spray!

We soon retreated to the hostel to dump our stuff, have a fortifying beer and get armed up!

A quick pisco sour stop before heading back into the melee with the supersize cans!

There was some traditional dancing by the locals in the procession - but even those dancing got targetted!

After a few buckets we were throughly soaked, it was great fun!!

A soaked beer to celebrate!

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