Tuesday 27 May 2014

Round up of a year travelling

I started out at the end of April 2013 flying to Jordan and Lebanon with my friend Cat (CBH).

After 34 flights and 20 countries I've ended up back in the UK.

I've visited 5 continents - North & South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Of the 20 countries and 18 pages of my passport filled, 14 were new this year and I would still go back and revisit them - there is never enough time to see everything!

My trip covered the Middle East (Jordan & Lebanon), to Northern Africa (Morroco), Europe (Lisbon & Turkey), the USA (from Hawaii to the California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, NY and numerous national parks), Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong) and ended in South America at the end of May 2014 (Argentina, Uruguay, Boliva, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia).

I paid for the Galapagos by selling my car :) (tips on visiting the Galapagos on a budget can be found here: http://katiesyearoff.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/galapagos-on-backpacker-budget.html?q=Galapagos )

Otherwise I've used the ill gotten proceeds from my job working in banking to fund my travels. I'm quite proud of myself for not working for over a year :). Now I'm broke - so if anyone has a job for a finance professional let me know!

And what was the best bit of my travels I hear you ask?!

Well it's not a particular place - although I think Bolivia was the most surprising....

It's the people.

The interactions I've had with different people around the world make the experience. From great travel mates, Cat BH, Cat & Tiva from home; Kitty, Carmen & Cameo in Asia and others I've met at hostels and bars along the way; to the local people like the Bedouin lady at Petra, our Palestinian grandad driver, the ladies living in Sapa, the kids in Quito and Phong Nha, my host family in Quito, the stalkers, the hostel owners/workers, the tour guides & groups, everyone who has given me a couch to stay on and of course the bar tenders :)

It's you that have made my year complete - thanks!

Now I'm back in London I've a couch going spare - come visit me anytime and I'll show you the secret pubs of Camden! (Oh yeah the food and drink was runner up for best bits!)

Some of my favourite pictures from the last year, believe me there were too many to choose from!

Starting at the beginning - Petra in Jordan, the Dead Sea, turbaned up for the Sahara

Ballooning in Cappadocia, mud men, Lisbon castle and unusual modes of transport!

The US from Grand Canyon to Dener,
 Chicago, Vegas & DC

Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Angkor Wat & beer towers!

HaLong Bay, dressing up for a wedding in Burma, homestay in Battambang, beers on the boat, kissing the Buddha & mud wrestling in Vang Vieng after tubing

Thinking in DC, Lao Lao at the homestay in Laos, Mui Ne fisher woman, margaritas in Denver & mediating in Angkor Wat

Wine tasting Uruguay, New Year's Eve in Punto Diablo, Colonia, camping on the Caribbean in Colombia, Colca Canyon Peru & carnival in Cusco!

Trying out a tortoise shell for size in the Galapagos, volunteering in Quito, Macchu Pichu in Peru, swing at the end of the world in Baños Ecuador.

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