Monday, 24 June 2013

A brief stay in Pamukkale

After Dalyan we headed to Pamukkale by bus.

The first obvious attraction there is the white travertine cliffs and terraces - part of the Unesco world heritage site (not sure how many of these I've knocked off the list now but it's quite a few!).

We walked up over the cliffs bare foot - shoes off to protect the whiteness! It was actually very refreshing as it was bloody hot and the warm water from the hot springs that created the cliffs and pools was nice on the toes - just don't step on the hidden rocks or fall in!

So the second attraction once you've made it up the cliffs is the ancient city of Hieropolis - which has tonnes (literally) of well preserved Roman (and possibly older - I lost focus at that point) ruins.

These included the public loos, the basilica turned bath house and numerous tombs.

My epic ice tea was well earned at the top of the amphitheatre!

The third attraction we missed as it was closing when we got there :( It would have been a beautiful round up after a sweaty walk - a dip in the ancient pool. This was basically a hot spring pool with some of the ancient bits in it, very pretty - but be warned it shuts at 7pm!

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