Friday, 21 March 2014

Mancora - Northern Peru beach town

After Lima we were desperate to get back to the coast. Whilst we were tempted to break our journey in Trujillo, the connections weren't straight forward and reports were that the town itself wasn't a great place. So we missed out on the pre inca pyramids and adobe city there and headed straight for Mancora with Excluciva.

We enjoyed the ride more with Cama (bed) seats, meals and personal TVs - for 20 hours it helped a lot!

Our primary target for being in Mancora was Paddies day which gives you an idea what the aim of the game was while we were there. We hung out with our friends at Loki, despite being checked into Kokopelli hostel.... Loki is like a resort - you could really be anywhere, except they had ceviche on the menu. 

I think I saw the beach twice in 5 days..... I saw a lot of the Loki pool and bar though!

Now there was nothing wrong with Kokopelli either - it was a lot quieter than Loki, which suited us fine for sleeping. It had a similar set up - bar by the pool, dorms, communal area with computers and ping pong table - it was not to the same scale and didn't have the craic that Loki did with loads of Irish staying there.

The actual town was a standard beach side town - lots of small restaurants and bars along the Panamerican highway (main road through town) and along the beach front. An ambitious boardwalk was not quite full of stalls selling the usual tourist and seaside tat. I was glad to fine a Havianas store though - new sandals! The main activity is surfing here and some of the guys managed a lesson - not me though...

Paddies day began with green pineapple slushies and lining the stomach with lots of pasta. The 'pub crawl' around the pool started at 3pm - with activities between each pub stand like limbo and leap frog! 5 drinks later the party had properly started!

The gang pre pub crawl

Our first drink being lined up - baby Guinness shots!

Irish slushies!

Cat succeeding in the limbo contest

The Kokopelli pool bar at night

Managing a post paddies day slushie to postpone the hangover

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