Sunday, 30 March 2014

Banos, Ecuador: Activity central!

From Quayaquil we headed to Baños to catch up with friends. We went straight from the plane station to the bus station (they are practically next door to each other!) and once we had ascertained there were no direct buses until 10pm we jumped on one to Ambato. Here we heard it was only an hour to Baños.

The journey went well - we arrived in Ambato after a movie (with English subtitles) and bathroom breaks and the bus conductor directed us to a collectivo headed to Baños. Our fellow collectivo passengers made sure we got off round the corner from the hostel and we arrived just before they shut up for the evening - all very smooth!

The following morning we caught up with our friends and managed to get booked on that afternoon's canyoning trip with them with Imagine Ecuador.

When dressed up in our wetsuits, helmets and harnesses we were good to go! 
Cat in her oversized wetsuit - they found her a smaller one eventually!

A short training session showed us how to clip on to the ropes and the position we should take when abseiling down (legs spread, bend ze knees, lean back). We walked up the hill to enter the canyon at the top and we were off.

The idea is to make your way down the canyon/water course in as many ways as possible - we slid down on our butts, we abseiled and also did a mini zip line! It took us a couple of hours to get down and it was great fun - there was lots of hysterical laughter and faces full of water.

When I get a chance to load photos from the DVD I'll add them on here!

After that we headed back to our hostel the Princessa Maria and had a massive meal before heading out for drinks in town. Having abused the litre boxes of red wine it didn't take many happy hour drinks before I was dancing salsa (I don't think you could technically call it salsa - but I was trying lol!)

The next day was a bit of a write off with the hangover - but we managed one more activity before we headed off to Quito:

Swing at the end of the world

Casa de Arbol - the tree house with the swing over the edge

Views over the valley 

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  1. I probably should have added that it's cheap to do activity here - the canyoning was $25 including the photos and the best banana cake at the end. We also considered doing a bridge swing but we were too hungover... White water rafting was also good value.