Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm on a boat....

From Cappadocia we headed to the coast via overnight bus to Antalya where we saw a large protest in support of Taksim square.

We also checked out the old town of Antalya 

Cirali was a lovely beach town with no development - we lounged on the beach there and then set off for a hike up to see the chimera in the dark.

The Chimera was a Lycian myth of a fire breathing animal - however we just witnessed the natural gas fires - very impressive but we forgot the marshmallows to toast doh!

The following day we headed to our boat - Myra 1 and motored around having competitions to see who could jump into the water best (aka diving except most of us can't dive!)

After BBQ fish and drinking around a bonfire we headed to sleep under the stars on the top deck of the boat.

The following day after some swimming to wake everyone up we saw the sunken city in the water and then headed to our next stop - Dalyan.

Dalyan is famous for 3 things - mud baths, turtles and the Lycian tombs carved into the rocky hillside, so we got another boat to explore these!

Mud baths did what they said on the tin - see the mud monsters! 

After the mud dried we washed off and soaked in the thermal pool - more of that to come later in the trip.

On the way to the beach we passed the tombs - very similar to Petra in how they are cut out of the rock - the facades more inspired by Greek architecture though.

We saw the loggerhead turtles being fed crabs and went back to get some crab for ourselves - very tasty!

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