Monday, 24 June 2013

Excessive/epic Ephesus and the unlikely transport mode..

Not sure I can use the word epic again - when is too much?!

Ephesus earns the epitaph I think! There was certainly an excess of archeological stuff to look at - the site really gives the feel of being in an ancient city - Tiva was splurging out and explaining it all to us!

However the most exciting part of the day was not the slushies or the slope houses but the transport - tractor trailer through the lanes ducking under branches and avoiding the mud splats....

Think the locals were a bit bemused!

Anyway back to the archeology....

The library - was the third largest in the Roman empire at one stage.

Many triumphant arches - in fact lots of ways to honour the different or visiting emperors - e.g Hadrian got a lot of arches on his tour of Turkey!! And also a way to dodge tax - if you dedicated the arch/gate to the right person you could get special status for the city

The goddess Nike - can you see the swoosh?!

The roadway in the posh area

Me being a statue....

Inside the slope houses excavation - they have found lots of well preserved 'high class' houses and some have beautiful mosaics and murals - lots of restoration work done really well also - worth the extra cost.

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