Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Camden Crew Crash Turkey, or Shuey and Emma's Wedding...

After an incredibly short turn around from Morocco (note to self I need longer than 36 hours to wash and dry everything in my rucksack!), the Crew were off to Turkey for Shuey and Emma's wedding in Oludeniz.

There was much catching up with friends and of course the beautiful wedding right by the Blue Lagoon, rounded off by a spot of pole dancing in Oludeniz sole club (guilty parties you know who you are - I'm keeping the photos for blackmail purposes!)

We had a day by our villa pool - eating at the mom and pop place down the street - best lunch ever! and where they loved Z and took him off Susan for a tour of the restaurant. Needless to say we went back for their food lots!

Then the final day we were together as a group with Shuey, Emma and their families we had a boat trip along the coast - the highlight of which appeared to be drinking beer in the (cold) sea whilst floating on noodles.

All in all a great introduction to Turkey - next stop Istanbul!

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