Saturday, 25 May 2013

Long weekend in Lisbon

So this time  I'm meant to be in Lisbon!

Miguel picked me up from the airport and we collected Joana and headed to a neighbourhood restaurant to satisfy Miguel's craving for snails! Having never tried them I had to dig in and they were good - real local dish for local people!

We then sampled some more Lisbon/ Portugese specialities before rolling down the street to their flat.

Meeting the adorable Afonso was great - such a cute boy! Despite the language barrier he soon had me playing with his trucks.

Saturday we spent the day by the coast - heading to the most Western point of mainland Europe and paddling in the freezing Atlantic (aka getting caught out by the surf waves!). 

Joana had gotten tickets for us to see Norberto Lobo, an amazing guitarist and Lula Pena who sings non traditional songs in the Fado style - a great intro to Portguese culture. They then showed me round their old stomping ground in Barrio Alto.

Sunday we meandered around the Graca neighbourhood, taking in the views, stopping for lunch in a restaurant in a small square - the neighbourhood was busy preparing for the month of celebrations (festa?) in June.

We then stopped in at one of the oldest and most well known Fado venues to sample a beer and some more culture - this was curtailed when Afonso decided it wasn't interesting enough! We took the iconic tram 28 back to the other side of town.

On Monday I did a lot of walking around Lisbon - with 7 hills this was a bit of a work out and I was tired by the end! But I got lots of great photos of the city and the views from the castle and parks were lovely - I was lucky with the weather - not too hot and no rain!

Before heading back to London I had time for a saunter around the museum in Belem and to the famous pastry place!!

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