Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Archeology and wine tasting...

Go hand in hand obviously... Well especially in the Bekka Valley.

We braved the public minibus rout to get to Baalbek - one of, if not, the best preserved Roman ruins in the world, and its immense! The blocks making up the base of Jupiter's temple are up to 19m x 5m and the remaining columns soar above you.

The decorative detail on the Bacchus temple is impressive also.

After sweating it out on another bus back down the valley we made it to the sanctuary of Ksara where a buffet lunch and a cool tour of their caves awaited.

We then retired to the bar to sample their wares! We started with the Blanc de Blanc, tried the Sunset rose and Rose de Ksara, before moving on to the Curvee du Troisieme and finishing with their dessert wine the Moscatel. Well we enjoyed all of them!

Two bottles of rosé de Ksara made it back for the Camden crew to sample :)

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