Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jordanian food (or what Katie ate!)

We managed to try the national dishes of Jordan - and a few more!

Hummus and falafel of course! on the first night at the Amman institution that is Hasheems

Mansaf, chicken on rice with almonds and a goat yoghurt sauce (not so sure about this one!) in Amman

Kofta with tomato sauce and stuffed eggplants and courgettes in Petra with the Valley Star owner Ibrahim

Maglob or upside down dish - similar to a biriyani with fried chicken and vegetables with the rice piled on top for cooking and then turned over to serve - just what we needed in the desert camp in Wadi Rum

Sayadeh which is fish served with very tasty rice and a tomato sauce - we enjoyed this one in Aqaba.

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