Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wadi Rum and the deserted desert camp

After Petra we followed the well worn travellers path to Wadi Rum on our way to Aqaba and stayed overnight at the Oasis desert camp.

Jordan seems to be very quiet at the moment re: tourists and so we found we were the only people at the camp - we had 2 members of staff looking after each of us!

We did a 3 hour jeep tour around the wadi - we saw some amazing stone bridges, enormous sand dunes and ancient inscriptions which used to help guide the camel caravans to the best places to stay.

The desert is wonderful and quiet until the camp next door started up with some dubious music! We appreciated the sunset over the jebels and some star gazing before tucking ourselves up in the tent - luckily it was toasty and warm!

The following day we managed to negotiate a ride to Aqaba from the highway - public transport in Jordan isn't easy if you don't speak Arabic!

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