Sunday, 24 November 2013

Beautiful Hoi An

We arrived on the overnight bus from Nha Trang - feeling half dead - and decided to cycle out to the beach and then the town as we couldn't check in to our room til the afternoon.

Cycling out to the beach was good - the water was a little wild with large waves and practically yellow with the amount of sand churned up. We were glad that the persistent rain had backed off - hello sun!

However the town was a lovely surprise - especially after the high rise concrete jungle that was Nha Trang.

The covered Japanese bridge - there are a lot of Japanese and Chinese influences seen in Hoi An.

We bought a ticket that got us into 5 different historic buildings - there are a lot more than five to choose from, so that was tough work deciding!

So here's a montage of some of the best pics I got

Hanging out at a hostel the other thing that you can do is drink - we found the local restaurants next door had fresh beer 'bia hoi' for 3000 dong a glass - that's 15 cents! So 7 beers later I'd spent a dollar and decided that something to eat would go down well!

Beer tally - makes working out the bill easier...

The local delicacies in Hoi An include Cau Lao - thick noodles with a curry sauce and pork slices and the 'white rose' dumplings - rice dumplings stuffed with minced prawns. So tried those! Cat tried the Quang noodles - yellow noodle soup with a light broth and some prawn and pork (you can't escape it here!). The spring rolls were pretty spectacular too!

That evening Cat retired early exhausted from the lack of sleep on the overnight bus - so I headed out with Laura and Karin for some drinks in town and to practise our pool skills (FYI I'm still terrible!)

The town was really pretty lit up at night - they were even selling floating lanterns you could set on the river.

Our last evening we headed to Why Not bar for their all you can drink for 100,000 dong (about $5) - this was after some happy hour buy one get one free cocktails. I shouldn't be surprised about the 2 day hangover....

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