Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A speedy tour of LA with Max

Max very kindly agreed to do a whistle stop tour of LA whilst I was around.

For the full day we started at 8.30 with a hike up Runyon Canyon for views of the Hollywood sign.

Yes you can see if through the haze!!

Obligatory thinker!

Then we had brunch at doughboys - we felt like doughboys after...

Then a quick stop at Beverly Hills to see Rodeo drive and some things I could barely afford to look at!

Then most importantly to the beach!!! we headed to Venice beach and then to the Santa Monica pier, but worth it for the sunset views over the beach.

Happy hour at the Firestation in Venice included margaritas and sushi which was more than enough to satisfy me, however for his final surprise Max took us to get ice cream cookie sandwiches at Diddy Riese, I think after the hike and beach walk I *may* have been calorie neutral, but that it be wishfull thinking!!

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