Saturday, 7 December 2013

How to eat in Hanoi

So it's more what to eat in Hanoi!

Cat and I decided to try all the local specialities - these range from Bun Bo, beef noodle soup which you could have with well cooked beef (like roast slices) or half cooked beef (yum rare!) - a mixture of both was delicious!

Next up confusingly was Bun Bo Nam Bo - the southern style dish which includes cold rice noodles in a small amount of soy garlicky broth, with beef, bean sprouts and peanuts on top.

Bun Cha is the northern version of this dish - where they serve BBQed pork or pork patties with cold rice noodles and a herb & lettuce salad and a dipping sauce. The sauce seemed to be a balance of vinegar and sugar and usually had lightly pickled vegetables in it.

The most famous export of Vietnamese cuisine - Nam Ran Cue Be or Spring Rolls - in this instance crab spring rolls.

We've tried pork, vegetables and now crab - all are good, but these ones from a little street stall frying up all sorts of goodies:

Including stuffed pillows - the ones at the bottom left cut into 3 - all served with salad & herbs and dipping sauce.

We accidentally ordered coconut doughnuts - thinking they were vegetable dumplings - turns out they were vegetarian - but what we wanted was lost in translation.

After eating you next turn to drinking...

At our hostel we very conveniently had a free Bia Hoi happy hour! This is the fresh beer that is usually 3-5000 dong a glass on the street sitting on tiny stalls naturally...

When the beer gives you too much of a hangover I think the Hanoi speciality of egg coffee. This is like liquid tiramisu! They whip up egg whites and sugar and layer on the Vietnamese coffee, yum!

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